Seeking happiness

One of the most important things I have learnt so far is how to appreciate myself, no matter what other people think of me, the only person that can make and keep me happy is me.
No one can do that better than you. Seeking the happiness, the joy, the peace, the laughter, you can only find all this by yourself, no other person can do that for you. Wondering why I said that, it’s simply because it’s up to you to choose whether you want to be happy or not.

One might have some encounters that would seem or would try to take all the serene and happiness you need but these encounters cannot choose for you what you truly deserve. You have to make the decision of doing anything possible to remain happy.
Most times our experiences(either good or bad) seem to control our emotions, yeah the bad emotions makes you feel you are done for, that you deserve nothing good and that’s the lie most people settle for, they just give up on themselves just because they have been through some bad experiences.
Do you know that most people experience worst things than many of us? yet they are happy you won’t even think they have had bad days in their lives, this is what I’m talking about these set of people refuse to remain down casted yes they did and that’s because most of them won’t give up on themselves, some got encouraged, some had no one to encourage and support them, some discovered they are worth much more.

Take the bold step, rise with your head straight, rise with confidence, rise without fear of failure for failure itself is a lesson to be learnt.
Decide and choose to be happy, we all deserve so much more.
Become a better you, you are great and perfect the way you are.
• Cheers to you.

Published by Felicia

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